...there is a univeral language between women when they craft and come
together in this passion. It unites women in a place that takes them from the
woes of everyday life and provides fortitude and strength to each other through
unspoken word - it is as if each stitch taken together strengthens our bound and
friendship. Please join me on the journey and let us inspire each other........

Monday, April 18, 2011

More Catching up :)

I just love holidays! Teachers are often criticised, ironically particularly by parents who readily comment that they couldn't cope with 26 teenagers at once. They criticise that teachers get SOOOO many holidays - a perk of the job! Well first of all I welcome them to join the profession if they wish to have holidays like us, but it means coping with all those teenagers they refer to! Second, I refer to my holidays as stress relief! I don't think, as much as I enjoy it, that I could teach 52 weeks of the year. It is totally exhausting to give so much of yourself. So when holidays come around, I take the opportunity to do just what gives me the most stress relief and that is quilting and other crafts. Most of this has been on hold during the term as I give up evening to correct work, plan lessons, participate in parent evenings and conduct parent-teacher interviews so that parents are connected into how their child is going. Teaching is definitely not a 9-5 job and so holidays is a MUST to finally clock off for a short while, and clock on the craft for me. I have been catching up on a few things I have had going and I would like to share these with you.....

I have finished blocks 9 and 10 of the mystery christmas block of the month. Hopefully block 11 will arrive this week so I can get that one done too :) I can't wait to be able to put it together - only one more month to go after this months arrive.

I also FINALLY managed to finish block 5 of "down in the garden". It seems that I have been working on this one for many months. This is for three reasons, too much work to do to continue much craft, too tired when I don't, and a lot of work in this block. But the end result is great. Take a look....

I back tracked after this to block 4, which believe it or not, only needed the butterflies appliqued but I managed to put it off for quite a while - another finish!

Last post I promised to show you what I had made to go with my sewing mat, catcher and pin cushion set that I made during the summer holidays. Well here it is......

I am very proud to have been contacted by an editor at the HOMESPUN magazine (of which I am an avid subscriber and got the patterns) with a request for some high resolution photos of the sets. I am off to send them those next! :)

Tomorrow there may be more to show you........thanks for visiting.

Bonnie  xxx

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  1. Aww I agree... If teachers weren't given a break each term they would drown from exhaustion!Hey thanks for throwing me the rope a few times this term ;)...

    Love the projects especially the christmas one with the gorgeous colours. Can't wait to see what you are working on on Wednesday.

    Mel xx