...there is a univeral language between women when they craft and come
together in this passion. It unites women in a place that takes them from the
woes of everyday life and provides fortitude and strength to each other through
unspoken word - it is as if each stitch taken together strengthens our bound and
friendship. Please join me on the journey and let us inspire each other........

Thursday, October 14, 2010

GOOOOO excited! Thank you Karen! :) :) :)

Guess what arrived today?? 5 days from order to arrival, 'go' to woe!! Can't complain about that!! I had one of those days today so it was just what I needed when hubby sms-ed to say "its here". YES!! YIPEE!!

I was so excited that I ripped open the box and unpiled all the pieces before I remembered to take a pic! But here is the empty box and all the packaging that was with it. It was one large heavy box and the postage was so reasonable for this weight!
Here are some of the dies. I thought half were missing and was double checking the letter box and waiting for another delivery van with package 2 as not all the dies were there as I checked them off the receipt. I only had a half hour between kids drop offs so I left the actual 'go' in the box til I got back.
When I unpacked the 'go', I felt a little silly as Alan had used the rest of the dies to fill up the box and steady the machine inside the box! Clever man!!

Look at all we got! Wow!! There was an extra two dies in the box - bonus? So loving it if it is. There was one die missing so I emailed. Perhaps he made a mistake with one of them - wait to see. Just gotta love this load though!

So here is where I thank my sponsors like a famous celebrity - I would like to thank my Dad ..........only kidding..........seriously this was one of my DH best moments. I also want to say a very big thank you to my friend Karen for going halves with me so this could all be possible!! :) Friends are the best things in the world! Now what will I do first?

That go-cutter does have some sexiness about it! Rather handsome really!!?! Feel like I should cut a new sampler quilt so i can use some of the different 12" starter set dies. Accuquilt has a BOW which are 12" blocks. I have downloaded the first 5 so far, now off to find some fabric.......surely I must have something here somewhere?? i don't know who or what I will use the quilt for but who cares - this is fun. I don't think I will have any trouble finding an owner :)

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  1. You are going to have tooooooo much fun!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with first.