...there is a univeral language between women when they craft and come
together in this passion. It unites women in a place that takes them from the
woes of everyday life and provides fortitude and strength to each other through
unspoken word - it is as if each stitch taken together strengthens our bound and
friendship. Please join me on the journey and let us inspire each other........

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Many things to catch you up with! :)

I have been very  busy sewing and creating and most things I have remembered to take a photo of along the way even if I have not had time to blog about it. So I guess I have saved them all up for you! With no further ado, lets check it out......

Recently a very close friend had a 40th birthday. I started my planning at the start of the year when I saw this quilt pattern in a magazine and it immediately made me think of her. It took a bit of work to source the fabric from several stores around Australia but I was finally successful and started on this journey to make this medallion style quilt. The photo does not really show its true colors - it is green and blue.

Last weekend was the 40th birthday luncheon and we had the priveledge of staying at my friends house overnight (in her absence! Long story) and I was quite relieved to see her current doona cover had predominantly the colors of blue and green! I very proudly presented her with this quilt and a few extras! Yes, there is more but I am not sure that I photographed it! I also made a square pillow with left over  flying geese and a neck roll.
I had hoped to have made matching pillow cases but didn't have quite enough fabric for this.

I loved the fact the the fabric was called "in the beginning" which was very apt for the stage of life that my friend is at. So I named the quilt "Genesis: In the beginning" as I think it represents a changing place in her life and a new beginning.

No doubt you have seen the following quilt in action as I worked on it over the 3 day retreat earlier this year. Yet another for a very close friend (different friend). My friend asked me to make her a quilt like she had seen me put up on facebook. It was not a request asked lightly and she took all day to muster up the courage. Usually I would work around the question and avoid an answer, but for this friend I did not mind. We have known each other since grade 9. I sent her a lot of swatches of fabric combinations and kits from off the internet and we worked from there. She loved the one pictures which uses reds, blues and beiges from the 3 sisters collection. We got this from the fat quarter shop in the USA.

So these holidays I was determined to finish it for her as I knew if I started other things on my to-do list, I may not achieve this as I never seem to finish the whole list! Funny that!?! So I started it first thing and spend a second set of 3 days and nights on it. So far, 80 hours. It is ready for the machine quiltist now, and then probably another 10 hours left to finish the binding and send it on down to her in Melbourne. Here is "Scattered Stars".......

Starting last June I have been participating in The Fat Quarter Shops mystery designer Christmas BOM. It finished this year in May. I was very motivated and using their finishing kit, put together this delightful top, sent it for quilting and bound it all ready for Christmas. What a miracle to actually have something ready in time!

It might be a bit hard to see all the blocks clearly in this picture but it is delightful in real life. I haven't mentioned that each block only cost me $13 AU, including postage from the US and oodles of fabric left over! So one day I will make some extra block repeats and make matching cushions to go with it :). How delightful will that look?

So after such success I decided to join their 2011 flower BOM. So far I have received 4 blocks and here are the last three. It uses the fabric set/range called Strawberry Fields from FigLeaf printed by Moda.

I also made another couple of blocks to help out a member of our quilting group who wanted to make a quilt that will be raffled to help fund our local soup bus which feeds the homeless in Ballarat. The pattern was foundation pieced and the stipulation was red, orange and yellow. Here were my two blocks.

I also did a block this week for our next group raffle quilt but I neglected to take photos! Ooops.

Another accomplishment was a couple of camera pouches. This one I finished today. The kids are getting a camera each soon - one for their birthday, one for christmas. Sssshhh, mum is the word on this one, as santa still delivers in our house. When I purchased the cameras none of the bags available in the shop grabbed me and I didn't get one. Then I thought about it and decided to personalise it and make my own. This is the one I made for my son which will house the camera, charger and cords. I figure he will prefer to carry the camera on its own without a cover when in use.

The one for my daughter though I forgot to photograph. It is a lot smaller and just fits the camera only as I think girls are into the extra embellishment that a cover or bag brings. Later I will make her a bigger matching bag to put that pouch in along with the charger, and other paraphenalia. :)

Just before the holidays I made a couple of skirts for my great niece. Sweet with floral fabrics and spots, 2 layered gathered skirt. But I am still waiting on photos to show you.

But also on my list was to make some skirts for Caitlin, my own daughter. So on Tuesday I headed to a friends and started on No.1 skirt. The first one of anything always seems to take the longest don't you think. Once I had this done I asked her to try it on and immediately got complaints of it being too tight. I had done the right thing and measured her of course and she was between sizes so I had naturally gone to the larger size of the two. Her complaining stems from the fact that she doesn't like any restrictive clothing, with a strong adamant adversion to jeans or anything that doesn't stretch. So I went up yet another ladies size for her in the next two skirts. I flung this up in much quicker time, pleased with finishing 3 skirts in one afternoon.

However we went down the op shop this week to pick some tops to go with her new skirts. When she came out the change room, she was clutching the side of one of the new skirts. I asked what was wrong? Soon it was apparent. With a sheepish look she showed me it was now way too big! 3 inches too big! Oh well, better than too small, so I rang in the side seam 2 inches to give her the benefit of the doubt and thought I would then be able to let it out when she gets a bit bigger. They will last a while! Here are the pics......

Like her choice in fabrics? After this achievement I moved onto finishing another UFO. I made part 1 of a present for christmas 2010 and didn't get to finish part 2 & 3. I had to suffice that part 1 would have to do for now. It is now coming up to the young man's first birthday and so part 2 & 3 will be a perfect present to give, finishing off another task. So I got 6 out of 8 blocks finished for this project. No photos yet but it is NOT a quilt! Intrigued? I will have to keep you in suspense. I have the afternoon left tomorrow to work on it and then I hope to finish next weekend. It's back to school (work for me) and so the sewing will be slowing right down. I have had a ball these holidays!

See you all again soon.

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  1. aww looooovvved the "in the beginning" quilt.. bonnie bear... :) soo talented... scattered stars look beautiful... and catlin's skirts? she has a eye for beautiful fabrics... agree with fudge... can you tweet your blog so other craft minded people can see?... Just a thought... too talented not to let more craft people see... mwah! love your work... :) Mini