...there is a univeral language between women when they craft and come
together in this passion. It unites women in a place that takes them from the
woes of everyday life and provides fortitude and strength to each other through
unspoken word - it is as if each stitch taken together strengthens our bound and
friendship. Please join me on the journey and let us inspire each other........

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Catching up.....

Firstly I must apologise for being absent for so long and not posting sooner. Now it is really hard to remember what I haven't shown or told you about! I'll give it my best.

With new demands at work this year I am finding a lot less time to 1) craft and 2) blog about what I have crafted! We are going on a well deserved small break away tomorrow and some photos I have taken recently to help me update you all are still on the camera which is safely packed in the caravan ready for an early pull out. So I will have to blog again early next week!!

Just in time for Christmas I finished this toy box for my great nephew. I am rather pleased with how it has come up. Perhaps there will be more matching ones to come......

I hope he has some toys stored in it! Riley is 5 months old now.

I think this is my year of 'gift' quilts and this was the first for a niece on my husband's side who lives in Bendigo and had her first child, a gorgeous boy we are yet to meet. It seems he loves his quilt wherever he goes.

Do you remember this set that I made last holidays using the January homespun? I was contacted by the assistant editor and encouraged to add more to my set and asked to send them a photo when I did.........so next time I will show you more! That is all I am saying for now. :)

Ok well that's it for now. More soon....I promise. If you are having a break, I hope it is a good one. :)

Bonnie xxx

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