...there is a univeral language between women when they craft and come
together in this passion. It unites women in a place that takes them from the
woes of everyday life and provides fortitude and strength to each other through
unspoken word - it is as if each stitch taken together strengthens our bound and
friendship. Please join me on the journey and let us inspire each other........

Sunday, January 23, 2011

In the beginning

I have been working very hard and have some more finishes to show you from this past week.

  • The next block of the month arrived from the Christmas Mystery Designer (fat quarter shop), so I thought I should get it done and out of the way. Isn't it sweet and cute. This is block 8 so only 4 to go and I can start to put it together - one ready for Christmas would be nice for a change!! :)

    • Next I decided to put together a sewing mat, thread catcher and pin cushion set that I spotted in the latest homespun magazine. So functional, I just love them and they have come up well with French provincial fabrics. Later on, I will sew the sewing machine cover that matches. Probably next holidays for that one I am afraid.
    • Next I cut and started to sew some blocks for a quilt I am calling "In the beginning". Apart from the fact that this range of fabric has that title, the blues and greens remind of land and sea like when God created the earth 'in the beginning'. It is also symbolic of a special friendship for which this will be a gift that started at a very early age and is still strong today. I completed 9 blocks this weekend, and sewed those together for the middle of the quilt. Next has to come the 5 borders that make it out to a queen size quilt. Later for those. Other more urgent things to do first.
    • Now have you noticed what the quilt medallion is sitting on? Hah, I am very proud of this one! This is my new design wall I just made today. I rushed in and out of my local Lincraft store the other day for supplies and on my way out nearly bumped into the stand of polar fleece offcuts. This white piece suddenly reminded me of a design wall idea and the fact that other bloggers had used flannel tablecloth backs, flannel sheets/fabric, tracksuit material and also polar fleece (I think). This looked about the right size for this space, so for $11 it was purchased. Today I put a sleeve on the top of it with some scrap ecru fabric, and had my clever son fashion some 'S' hooks. Although he tells me he has cleverly made '5' shaped hooks as these are more functional where I wanted them. Behind the white fabric is a quilt hanging on a shelved quilt hanging I had made at a local joiner. In the spaces on each side of the quilt I have placed a hook and using a rod (I have used an old telescopic antenna rod from the caravan aerial as this was what was available). Da Dah!! A removable/temporary design wall!!
    In my house I have to use spaces well as it is only small (2 bedroom for 4 people!) so this solution is fabulous along with the sewing mat, etc as it makes my small sewing space even more functional. My only issue is the lounge chairs in front of where I have set up the design wall but I will think of some solution.
      On friday I went to sew with one of my best friends, Karen. Each school holidays we try to at least spend one 'craft-to-you-drop' day, although we try to do it more often if we can. It basically means that we get together about 10am, usually at Karen's house as it is roomier, and craft, and craft, and craft all morning, afternoon, evening and into the wee hours of the next morning until we suddenly think sensibly that we had better sleep so we are sane for our families the next day! The latest (or earliest morning??) we have had is 2.30am, after which I try to drive home (around the corner, but because I always travel with a lot!) and tip toe into bed next to hubby without waking anyone.
      So this was one of the secrets to how I achieved so much this week. Although I also had some other sewing buddies - Tues with Joy, Thursday afternoon with Anneli, Friday with Karen (of course) and on Saturday quilt group recommenced. It is so much fun catching up with friends that I just don't get the time to do during the school term.
      Do you remember me showing you these photos a little while back after some heavy down pours in our area (Ballarat). Well recently we also had some flooding in our area, particularly those on the edge of town. Fortunately we did not have enough to cause any damage but it certainly pooled in the back yard and the front yard too on that occassion.
      Hubby, who works for the SES and usually doesn't have a lot of time for our dramas, finally had enough. He has worked very hard to get rid of all the water issues! He has been digging for days to pipe our storm water and run off back to the front of the block. It seemed to have been forgotten when the council changed the others in the area and ours still ran to the back to a now non existent spoon drain.
      With that nearly done, he called in his favor/barter from last year, and started to dig up the back yard with a bob cat. Our driveway just finishes a little beyond our gate next to the house and then you drive on dirt, or mud in winter. So he was determined we would finish the driveway to our barn shed which we added onto the block several years ago.
      Men and their toys - I think secretly he was enjoying darting around here and there, and playing with the dirt!
        He took 7 truck loads of dirt away and all I could say was "Gee it doesn't look that much different"! Think I have been forgiven since that foot in mouth comment.
      It's great to have a capable teenage son to help, otherwise I would have been needed! Aaaah! Kahle stood there all day in the heat holding the level for Kev and got some nice sun burn to show for it. And what was his motivation - Kev offered to do the dishes for him which was one of his jobs for the day! Talk about desperate not to do them!!
      Well next weekend I hope to show you more photos in action, as the boys and a couple of helpers pour the concrete in the now prepared form work. Can't wait. Meanwhile its a little challenging to fit 3 cars, a bob cat and truck into what's left of the back yard.
      Happy sewing to you all,
      Bye for now.
      Bonnie xox


    1. I just love the Christmas block, it is soooo cute!!!
      Wow, your boys have been busy with their toys in the backyard... rembember when Dan and Kahle were little and played in the sandpit with their trucks.. sigh.. those were the cute days :)

    2. Your block is really cute, and I love your sewing machine mat with thread catcher! What a pretty quilt you have going too! Way to sew!!