...there is a univeral language between women when they craft and come
together in this passion. It unites women in a place that takes them from the
woes of everyday life and provides fortitude and strength to each other through
unspoken word - it is as if each stitch taken together strengthens our bound and
friendship. Please join me on the journey and let us inspire each other........

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yesterday I went and visited my good friend Joy from out of town and we sewed and chatted the day away together. Between chatting I was able to make significant progress on my 'secret' quilt for Christmas. I am loving the funkiness of these blocks and can't wait to put it all together....hopefully later this week. Only 3 blocks to go now!

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  1. We had a good day, didn't we? But I do think you wore me out - just watching you go 100 miles an hour... hee heee!